Minnetonka Academic Talent Search (ACT/SAT Testing)

Important Information for Test Day

Your child needs some form of identification.

  • Current 2021-22 Student ID which was issued this fall
  • Passport

Your child does not need a student ID Form

If your child does not have one of the above they DO need a student ID form and it will have to be notarized by a public official NOT a school official as we do not have the personnel to do this. These ID Forms can be found on the website by the end of this week.

Please accompany your child to the registration table at the designated test location in the event there are issues.   I have spoken with both ACT and SAT and they assure me that the above identification forms are approved.

 Please contact me if you have any questions.

Deborah Zachman
Minnetonka Academic Talent Search Coordinator

7th & 8th Grade Minnetonka Academic Talent Search
Taking the ACT and SAT

The 2021-22 Minnetonka Academic Talent Search has begun. Seventh and eighth grade students who are 13 years of age and older with strong academic records are invited to participate in this opportunity which involves taking the above grade level assessment of either the ACT or SAT exam.

The testing organizations have changed their requirements and so we can no longer offer a test site for either exam on our Minnetonka campus. This allows students/families the opportunity to determine a date and find a location that best fits your schedules.

Please refer to the invitation letter sent to parents of qualified students in mid-October.

Please also refer to the registration guides on this site.

Please contact Deborah Zachman Minnetonka Talent Search Coordinator at Deborah.zachman@minnetonkaschools.org for questions that are not answered in the information on this page.