Student Parking

Parking Permits for 2021-22 School Year are sold out.

Daily parking pass information

If you would like to purchase a daily pass, click here.

  • Passes are $5 per day and may be purchased up to two times/week. 
  • Passes go on sale every Friday at noon for the following week. 
  • Please have your car information including make/model/color/plate number available when purchasing.
  • Daily parking is located in the lower parking lot by the football field.
  • You will not need a receipt in your car; we have a report that shows us who has purchased a pass for that day.

Student Parking at MHS

Students are only allowed to park in the GREEN (west side of MHS) lot as well as parts of the red lot. Do not park in the first three rows of the red lot (closest to frontage road) as those are for staff and marked as such. We also have a row of volunteer parking in the red lot (also marked with signs) that should not be used by students. The Pagel Activity Center lot is a separate lot from the HS and students will be ticketed/towed if parked there. 

Parking tickets will be issued daily. If a student was issued a parking permit, but the permit is not displayed and/or the student is parked where they shouldn’t be, fees will be assessed as such:

  • 1st ticket:  $10
  • 2nd ticket: $20
  • 3rd ticket: $30
  • 4th: Revocation of permit

If a student is parked on campus and was not issued a permit, the fees are:

  • 1st ticket: $20
  • 2nd ticket: $30
  • 3rd ticket: $40
  • 4th ticket: Vehicle will be towed

Ticketed Cars/Boots

If you receive a ticket on your car, check Skyward for the fine. It may not show up in your account for 48 hours. Tickets can be paid in person at the bursar or online via Skyward/Fee Management.

If you are repeatedly parking in the MHS lot without a permit, and we do not have your car registered, we may boot it. The removal fee is $25 in addition to any tickets you were issued previously.

Please contact Mary Jean Watras at if you have questions.

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