Testing and Assessment

Through screening, testing, classroom assignments and observation, Minnetonka teachers and administrators are able to develop a complete profile of your child's achievement and curricular strengths and weaknesses. This academic profile is used to personalize learning, develop curriculum and determine appropriate academic placement.

Compared to national norms and statewide test results, Minnetonka students perform exceedingly well!

8 سبتمبر - 7 أكتوبر

Elementary School (K-5)

WIDA هو اختبار بتكليف اتحادي لرصد تقدم الطلاب في الحصول على الكفاءة الأكاديمية في اللغة الإنجليزية.

القراءة السريعة

تعزيز الرفاه الإيجابي


Dr. Matt Rega
District Assessment Director

Laura Herbst
MHS Advanced Learning Coordinator (AP/IB)

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